January 17, 2020

Moving Offices? Six Tips for Moving your IT

Guest Blogger: Edward McKenna, Project Manager, Focus Data Solutions

Office moves are always a big deal. Coordinating spaces, people, furniture and the bevy of other details can make even the most organized office managers a little crazy. Transitioning your IT infrastructure from one location to another doesn’t have to be a stress factor. Here are six tips to help you prepare for the move.

Pre-Lease Signing/Building Buying Tip

Bring in your IT team before you secure the space. Ask the team to identify any IT hurdles (no drop ceilings?) The building needs new cabling? Where are the servers to be located? Is the cooling system adequate? Check out what’s possible IT-wise before signing on the dotted line.

Identify Your Team

Your relocation team should include some or all the following professionals:  Your IT provider, the building/property manager, a general contractor, a structured cabling vendor, a space planner, a furniture planner, a Telcom service project manager/engineer, and your mover. These individuals can help you plan and execute a successful, and stress-free move.

Start Planning Now

Immediately after securing the space, start planning with your IT provider. Make the IT team part of the move team. Include this group in all site visits and planning session to ensure that IT is managed from the start. Make a site visit with your IT provider to examine the network cabling, check out the server room, and determine what is needed in your new space

Review your current equipment

An office move is a great time to reassess your equipment. Take an inventory to determine if your current equipment still meets your needs. Do you have aged equipment that needs updating or replacing? Now is the time. Be a steward of the environment and dispose of any discarded equipment properly.

Identify your communication pieces ASAP

Phones, cables, power outlets and equipment placement should all be decided now, in conjunction with your space and furniture plan. It’s easier to relocate a desk in the planning stage than it is to add a power outlet or cable jack AFTER the furniture is in place.

Ask for Help

Moving is a daunting process. Reach out to your team and ask for any and all help when you need it. Help and communication, are the keys to a successful IT move.


Thanks to Focus Data Solutions, Elizabeth Moon, and Edward McKenna for contributing this blog post for TARTAN Properties Commercial.

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