Silverback Strategies

Silverback Strategies

The Challenge:

After launching from its incubator space, Silverback Strategies was only two years into a five-year lease when it found itself in major growth mode.  Another significant leap was required.  The challenge was to find a space that spoke to the company’s millennial-rich, techie culture while conveying a certain credibility and expertise to clients and visitors.  To be sure, finding a landlord willing to take out a ceiling grid and create an open, collaborative workspace—which was the client’s wish–was not as easy in 2014 as it is today.  And, of course, the company had the lease liability to mitigate.


The Result:

TARTAN found a landlord willing to take a shot on this fast-growing start-up and to provide the tenant improvement allowance needed to create the modern, glass- and light-filled space that so many companies are now asking for.  TARTAN was also able to secure a subtenant for the client’s existing space, eliminating the burden of unscheduled double rent.  Happily located in their new Old Town headquarters, Silverback Strategies–once an Alexandria startup–is now a headliner in its industry and one of the Washington Business Journal’s Best Places to Work in 2017.

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