Arlington VA Tenant Representation

If you are in the market for office space, the first step is to hire a company that can provide qualified tenant representation in Arlington VA. When your occupancy cost is going to be your single greatest expense after payroll you need to make sure you make sound decisions based on realistic and accurate financial assumptions. Tartan Properties are industry leaders for tenant representatives in the Arlington office space market.

Arlington Market

Arlington is one of the hottest commercial real estate markets in the country. With close proximity to Washington’s central business district with all the amenities at significant discount why wouldn’t you consider this option? With new Class A towers being constructed competition is brisk for space in the 2,000 – 5,000 square foot range. Government contracting tenants seeking full floor opportunities with Metro access compete all along the R-B-C orange line.

Tartan Properties as Your Tenant Representative

A Tartan Properties tenant representative will work as your advocate and counsel you through every step of the process. Also, we will help to develop a personalized solution to meet your real estate requirement. From analyzing your space needs to contract negotiations and occupancy, we will be your single source point of contact.

Tenants or Buyers that negotiate on their own are competing on an uneven playing field. You need the Arlington VA tenant representation of the Tartan professionals that can provide up-to-date market information with negotiating experience. We work to create value and find the best solution for your business. Also, we will ensure that your company finds the right property with appropriate and affordable economic terms.

Tartan Properties Commercial is your best choice to help you find the right warehouse or office space for your company to lease or purchase. With 40 years of experience in the local market, Tartan Properties brokers are experts tenant representation.

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